How to launch an ICO — A Beginner’s Guide to ICO Launch

Hailey Garcia
3 min readJan 7, 2021


If an entrepreneur comes up with a brilliant blockchain idea, the first thing that comes to mind is this question. How to launch an ICO for this idea? The simple question bears a rather complicated answer. So in this article, we have put together a beginner’s guide to ICO Launch.

Personal or Supported?

ICOs can be launched with the right teams and a clear plan. ICO Launches can be categorized into two. Personal Ventures and Supported Ventures. A personal venture requires the owner of the idea to perform all the ICO launching activities by themselves.

If one finds the above-mentioned processes and steps tedious, they can approach any ICO Development Company to support the realization of their idea. ICO Development Companies does the heavy lifting for you, at a reasonable price.

Launch an ICO Successfully

What do ICO Development Companies Offer?

They offer reliable ICO Development Services that contribute to the successful launch of an ICO. These services include the following:

Whitepaper Documentation:

The first step in the launch of an ICO is documenting the Idea behind the ICO into a whitepaper. A whitepaper is an official document that cites the purpose, vision, and mission of the ICO. This whitepaper will be drafted by the company on behalf of the owner.

Creation of Website/ Landing Page:

Every ICO must own a website with a landing page that is interactive and robust. These websites must offer clear information and attract customers to sign up and invest in the ICO.

ICO Marketing:

ICO Marketing is a mandatory process in order to gain visibility and spread awareness about the ICO to be launched. ICO Marketing includes promotion, bounty programs, airdrops, and advertisements. ICO marketing will be performed prior to and after the ICO Launch.

Bring Investors:

Without investors to invest in the ICO, the idea behind the ICO will never come to fruition. Investors of different levels of stature and influence are necessary to reach the established soft/hard cap. All the above-mentioned activities and services fall under ICO Launch Services.

Hosting Multiple Sale Rounds:

Once the ICO has been launched, multiple rounds of sale of the product, service, or coin are performed to bring in private and public investments. Sale rounds are typically categorized into Pre-Sale Round and General Sale Rounds.

Fundraising (Soft/Hard Cap):

Fundraising is done to raise enough capital to support the development of the ICO’s idea. Typically, a Soft Cap and Hard Cap is defined. Soft Cap is the minimum amount required to begin the development, wherein the Hard Cap is the recommended amount required to ensure excellent quality of development.

Design and Development of the Idea:

Once the required capital is raised, the design and development of the Idea are begun. While designing relates to the (frontend) look and feel of the product, development relates to the (backend) functionality of the product.


There also exist multiple platforms that host the public launch of an ICO. Now companies also offer ICO Launch Platform Development services to businesses that seek to host ICO Launches. With the growing need for support and launch of ICO, organizations have expanded their horizons on the kind of services they offer based on customer demands.



Hailey Garcia

Blockchain & Mobile App Consultant